Over the last decade, the Q Brothers have developed and refined a workshop that is designed to teach attendees to act over music in rhyming verse. We empower these folks to create their own adaptations of classic scenes, or original pieces, and perform them for each other. The workshop is designed in such a way that it is customizable, based on the needs of the group or institution with which we work, and can run anywhere from one hour to one week or even one month long. The Q Brothers have conducted this workshop all over the world, for all ages and types of people — including 4th graders from suburban Chicago, inmates at State Penitentiaries in Missouri, and students at an all female Muslim school in Manchester, UK.

  • Little kids – Hip Hop for Beginners (ages 0-12)

    A perennial highlight of Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, this workshop allows kids to lay down their very own hip hop track, featuring the Q’s, in a matter of minutes. The track is then emailed to their parents as an mp3. Some kids have been to the booth 10 years straight and have an entire album they made with the Q Brothers!

  • Medium kids - Hip Hop Storytelling (ages 11+)

    Designed for kids of all ages, workshops can be tailored to different ages and levels of experience. Participants learn the basics of rhyming, working with a beat, and free styling. They then use those tools to compose and perform original stories – all in rhyme!

  • Big kids - Add-RAP-tation (high school+)

    The Q Brothers’ award-winning hip hop adaptations of Shakespeare have toured the globe. In these workshops, participants work with an existing text, and adapt it using the language of hip hop with the ultimate goal of staging and performing their original add-rap-tation.


    All educational workshop inquiries can be directed to

I <3 Juliet (Illinois Shakespeare Festival)

The Q Brothers dazzled our audiences in 2015 with Q Gents, their hilarious hip-hop adaption of Two Gentlemen of Verona, and we are delighted to include their latest creation, I Heart Juliet, in our 40th anniversary season. This time with ten actors, the Q Brothers Collective is at it again, bringing their incredible energy, humor, and hip-hop verse to Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece, Romeo & Juliet!

Othello: The Remix at Cook County Jail

One of the most rewarding events we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Not only did we get to bring our art to those in serious need of healing, but we got to do that in the city we grew up in, in the largest jail in the country. Check out the mini-doc we made about that very special day. Watch the video.

Lollapalooza 2017

The Q Brothers return to Lollapalooza for their 13th year straight of performing and running the Hip Hop Workshop at Kidzapalooza, we are happy that our jobs have now expanded into emceeing the Kidza Stage. We’ve watched some of these kids grow up before our very eyes, and some of them have entire albums of themselves (featuring the Q Brothers), one song per year that they’ve attended. We are extremely proud to be attached to this beautiful area of one of the world’s best music festivals ever!

U of Iowa residency

It’s back to school for the Q Bros! College, here we come again. But this time as artists in residence, at the University of Iowa, where GQ, JQ, Jackson Doran and Postell Pringle will be writing and directing their fresh new musical take on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

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