Othello: The Remix

“16 years before Hamilton, the Q Brothers were bringing hip hop to the stage. OTHELLO: THE REMIX is an 80-minute spin on the Bard’s tragic tale of love, jealousy, and revenge.”

Now in performances off Broadway at the Westside Theatre in NYC.

#OREMIX OthelloTheRemix.com


Othello: The Remix at Cook County Jail

One of the most rewarding events we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Not only did we get to bring our art to those in serious need of healing, but we got to do that in the city we grew up in, in the largest jail in the country. Check out the mini-doc we made about that very special day. Watch the video.


Lollapalooza 2016

After our 12th year straight of performing at Lollapalooza, and running the Hip Hop Workshop at Kidzapalooza, we are happy that our jobs have now expanded into emceeing the Kidza Stage. We’ve watched some of these kids grow up before our very eyes, and some of them have entire albums of themselves (featuring the Q Brothers), one song per year that they’ve attended. We are extremely proud to be attached to this beautiful area of one of the world’s best music festivals ever!


U of Iowa residency

It’s back to school for the Q Bros! College, here we come again. But this time as artists in residence, at the University of Iowa, where GQ, JQ, Jackson Doran and Postell Pringle will be writing and directing their fresh new musical take on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

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