Hire the Q Brothers


Need a powerful new anthem to get your sales reps excited about exceeding those predicted numbers this year?  How about a 12 minute custom biographical musical celebrating the life of your CEO on her 20th year of championing your foundation?

Whether you’re looking for a fun and exciting new song to rally the forces around the release date of a new product, or you wish to demonstrate how your company’s new sales strategy looks — in the form of an hilarious short musical play — the Q’s are your most unique and memorable option.  Well… when it comes to both hilarity in form and truly tackling real content, in rhyme and over music no less, complete with costume changes and crossdressing, let’s face it — we are your ONLY option!!!

Have another idea? We gotchu.  Yes, we’ve rapped about home mortgage lending.  Yes, we’ve delved deeply into the world of ultra-green modular construction through a full on hip hop musical.  Yes, we’ve used our form to demonstrate how a new drug can help patients in need. Yes, that liquor distribution company turned their sales meeting into a charged hip hop concert by having us perform a new anthem to get their reps super psyched about their freshly unveiled mission.  And yes — we wrote the songs for a mini-musical that was the official opening of the NBA All Star game, performed by Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, and Ludacris. Like we said — we gotchu!

Hit us up with your ideas, input, and/or questions, and together we’ll make something like nothing else.

“I contracted The Q Brothers to be the main attract for one of my largest clients at one of their most important launches at one of the biggest international mobile technology shows in the world. I could not have asked for a better solution than the Q Brothers. Not only are they top notch performers and entertainers, they’re able to naturally and comfortably ride that border between edgy showstoppers and business-compatible brand ambassadors. They PERFECTLY represented the energy, excitement, and playfulness of my client’s brand and were the ideal hosts to reach out a very diverse audience and engage them in our activities and solutions. They were easily the highest-rated experience area in our booth. Throughout it all, they conducted themselves with such professionalism and flexibility that it made the whole process a joy to produce. I can’t wait to use them again for future programs and clients.”

Bryan Pray
Creative Director & Executive Producer
Live Marketing

“High-energy, crowd-pleasing, gut-busting fun! These guys are true professionals who workshopped with EMBARC teens on the spot, providing a memorable evening for everyone who attended, and a life-changing experience for our students.”

Christina Noël
Vice President